iMac Running Slow?

Is your iMac running slow at startup or just after sleep or login?
Does it keep freezing when using Safari, operating an application or browsing iTunes/iPhoto library?
Do you just notice the iMac hard drive become noisy from time to time?
Or you keep seeing the “rainbow wheel of death” or “spinning beach ball” icon?

Trust me, you are never alone. This is a common problem and there is a solution. **Read on for why your iMac can be running slower than it used to and how you can fix slow iMac as quickly as possible.

Why is my iMac running slow?

There are many possible reasons why iMacs get sluggish with time. Some of the most common of these reasons are listed below:

  • Insufficient free disk space. Your iMac automatically utilizes free space on the hard drive as Virtual Memory to free up the RAM. You need at least 10% free space available for apps to run smoothly.
  • Cluttered desktop. Having too many files and folders on your desktop can slowdown your iMac machine. Quite reasonable! You get dizzy watching those items, your iMac will too.
  • Huge numbers of unnecessary and useless files such as Caches, Log files, Temporary files & duplicated items etc. According to a survey, more than 30% of disk space on an average Mac is taken up by such junk files.
  • Overload login items. If too many items want to join the fun when your iMac turns on, the result is obvious – slow iMac startup.
  • Multiple applications that serve similar functions. Those apps are competitors and often conflict with each other. So many a time your iMac become the battle field.

Simple fixes for a slow iMac

A fast iMac is always better than a slow iMac, right? Here is a couple common fix solutions you can do with your running slow iMac computer.

  • Restart your iMac frequently. Applications that “leak” memory can make the computer feel slow and sluggish, a system reboot may help resolve the issue.
  • Remove unnecessary programs at startup. Clearing the number of auto start-up programs will help reduce boot up time to some extent.
  • Get rid of those useless junk files & items. All these files might possibly responsible to the slowing down of your iMac, freezing and crashing.
  • Clean up the Dashboard. Make sure you have no unnecessary widgets running.
  • Empty Mac Trash. Be sure to delete unneeded files and also remember to empty your iMac trash, in case you will still have the free space problem and slow iMac performance.

Looking for a FASTER way?

Still the tricks won’t take your stress out? Or you don’t want to find and solve each issue one by one? The following shows some iMac speed up software which can do the job comprehensively. Note: some programs are free while others only free to trial. Pretty fair enough!


is a bundled system utility for Mac OS that consists of 16 tools for security, optimization and cleanup of the Mac OS. It is an essential tool for your Mac. It’s an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast!

Hope all the above guides have helped you out to keep your iMac in good shape! :)

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